Selection & Expansion

Some Of Ivan Buttimer's Montbeliarde Herd

Some Of Ivan Buttimer’s Montbeliarde Herd

The principal aim of the selection programme is the improvement of dairy aptitudes (quantity and quality of the milk, milking ability) and the maintenance of beefing qualities (growth conformation) and rearing (hardiness).This programme includes three phases: planned matings, individual on station testing of young bulls, on farm progeny testing on heifers for milk production, milking ability and conformation. 150 bulls are progeny tested annually.

In France, the Montbeliarde is composed of 700,000 dairy cows; it is developing in many regions and its population is steadily increasing. The Montbeliarde breed represents, in the Red and White Simmental branch, the most marked dairy type. As such, it is exported to all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, to improve their corresponding Red and White breeds, especially to Italy Austria, Czech republic … ). Moreover, its production qualities and adaptability mean that it is in great demand in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria… ) where it has been exported for many years, as well as in several countries of the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, Africa, and North and South America.