Profile: Richard Austin

Richard Austin

The Colony Montbeliarde herd

Est. in 2007 by Richard and Lorena Austin
Present day herd of 60 milking cows includes :

45 PB Montbeliardes
8 Cross breeds
7 PB Friesian X Hol.

We got interested in the Montbeliarde breed when we were unable to maintain herd numbers due to unsustainable empty rates and poor fertility from my Fr X Hol herd but we did not want to loose the capacity to produce plenty of quality milk, to produce a valuable calf every year of a long productive life and still have a valuable cull cow.

We purchased a total of 18 Pure bred springing heifers plus 7 maiden heifers over the first 3 years and these have grown to 45 PB cows , 20 PB maiden heifers and 12 PB heifer calves.
The Monties have worked well for us maintaining and increasing herd numbers as required without anymore risky “buying -in”. Herd yields are ave 1450 gals per year and calf values have increased for dairy bulls and specially when surplus cows are crossed with beef breeds. We can now afford to sell surplus stock.

Please feel free to contact us for any information or to see “Monties working in the west”

Phone Richard Austin at : 087 6994559

Richard Austin