Richard Austin

Richard Austin

The Montbeliarde is essentially a dairy breed: the average production of recorded cows (8,232 kg of mill< at 3.91 % of fat and 3.45 % of protein) is one of the best recorded. Its milk has excellent cheese-making value (for making Gruyere) because of its high level of protein content and a high frequency of Kappa Casein B variants.

It is placed in the first rank for its breeding qualities and functional characteristics:

  • its resistance to mastitis (very low cell counts),
  • its fertility (good success rate in artificial insemination),
  • its longevity (24 % with 5 or more lactations),
  • its calving ease (25 % of crossbreeding with the Charolais, no calving problems),

All these features mean that it is a hardy, easily managed breed, which adapts remarkably easily to all environments.

The Montbeliarde also has undoubted beefing qualities: its rapid growth rate and good conformation mean that its calves and young bulls are highly appreciated; the cull cows too produce good quality carcasses with no excess fat. In addition, this breed is very hardy and well suited to harsh climates; it is not affected by the heat, and can ingest large quantities of rough forage, which enables it to maintain its performances when used in much hotter regions.